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An affordable, high performance solar wax melter that uses the power of the sun to melt valuable wax with no cost to operate. It is capable of reaching and maintaining temperatures as much as 50 degrees F above melting temperature without harmful UV ray exposure. Warm-up takes about 30 minutes and in most locations, melting can be achieved for 6-7 hours on a sunny day. Even on partly cloudy days, extended periods of melting are possible.

  • Finish: Painted black in the melting areas and and a tough exterior finish this unit is well protected from the rigors of everyday use.
  • Heating Window: Comes with a removable plexiglass heating window for gaining access to the upper and lower levels, and when in place to allow for the collection and retention of solar energy (heat) for wax melting.
  • Melt Pan/Reflector: Constructed of 24 gauge galvanized steel with rolled edges. This melt pan has a sloped bottom lip for channeling melted wax to the screening/filtering funnel. It also provides a reflective surface for the sun's rays for increased heating capacity.
  • Chunk Excluder: Positive flow control provided by this stage one screen to insure that the wax flow is not impeded or blocked on its way to the stage two screen area.
  • Stage Two Screen: Screening area to capture slumgum that made it past the chunk excluder. The stage two screen due teo its funnel shaped design makes an idea placement area for used developed screening/filtering material.
  • Removable Floor: Upper and lower melting areas are separated by this removable floor when in place it proves a resting area for the melting/reflector pan and the stage two screen, removal provides the user unimpeded access to the lower melting area.
  • Adjustable Legs: To obtain the optimal wax melter performance the angle of tilt is adjustable through the leg height adjustments. Allowing for the optimal tilt angle spring, summer, fall or winter and the time of day.

The melting and collecting areas will accommodate your pans. Use of aluminum pans typically sold in grocery stores and hardware outlets is recommended. Loading is easy since the heating window can be completely removed, providing complete access to the melting area. SHIPS PARTIALLY ASSEMBLED

Available in Yellow, Blue, Green or Unpainted

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