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BP 200C Reaper, Craftsman battery conversion kit

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Product Details

Convert your MK 350 Terminator into a Craftsman battery powered BP 200C Reaper. Requires customer to ship their MK 350 back to the factory for this conversion.

If you own a MK 350 and don’t want a 2nd unit… purchase the BP 200C conversion package and ship us your MK 350 with a copy of your purchase confirmation and we’ll convert it to a BP 200C and ship it back to you.

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Layaway Program


For those in need of special financing we offer a layaway program.  To take advantage of this program send us your name, email, address and contact phone number including area code using the contact us form on the Contact Us page (in the message block place your address and phone number) and tell us that you would like to purchase through the layaway program.  Once we receive your complete information we will determine your total purchase price (195 plus taxes plus shipping).  We will divide this total by 3 and send you 3 Paypal generated invoices to your email address, you can take as little or as much time as you want to pay these invoices.  Payment for these invoices is made through Paypal using the payment links that Paypal provides in the invoices. Once we receive your final payment we will package and ship your MK 350 Terminator.

This program is available to anyone wishing to use it, and requires no credit check!

Patent Pending
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